NOTICE: Noticing Barred Ahead

In a year where the majority of us are nestling our germ holes away from view, the time is almost right to announce that you are forbidden from perceiving me. It’s hardly an original concept, but henceforth please make note that I do not exist. As you already know, I’ve lived to be imaginary years old and have opted to spend the rest of those fictitious suckers living just outside your peripheral vision, snacking on time.

I’m going to continue to be absolutely absurd and very much put myself out there in a whimsical way steeped in nonsense.

None of that will change.

I’m aware this is contradictory to my request to cease regarding me. Processing that is not for me to sort out. I believe in your ability to know that I do not exist if you catch me in the street utilizing something resembling a body. It is compulsory to participate in the erasure of my capacity to be observed. I would say I don’t make the rules here, but I suppose I do, so best get after it.

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