Screw it, here we go.

No one knows what I’m doing, least of all me. Settle in.
It’s gonna be a weird ride.

The first post of a blog always feels like suuuuuch a Big Deal (TM) to me and I can never get out of my head enough to just do the damn thing. I panic about the tone and mood I’m evoking with my first post as if anyone actually cares about such minutia. Actually, certain types of people care, but I’m not partial to their opinions so I’m going to do whatever it is I’m going to do anyway. To challenge the usual paralyzing recursive loop I wander down time after time, I figured screw it. I’m just gonna start to get started. Everything that comes after will sort itself out. Or it won’t. That’s ok, too.

What am I trying to do with this blog? Honestly… I don’t heckin know. I paid for my domain name for the year while drunk the other day because Drunk Me knows that I am only accountable to things if I put my money where my intentions are. Good job, Drunk Me. Did Drunk Me sit down and come up with a marketing plan? Think through all of the topics I want to discuss? HELL NO! Drunk Me just wanted Anxious Me to stop obsessing over not writing. So many days are spent silently judging myself for not writing and Drunk Me was like BOOM BISH I GOTCHU. WRITE AWAY!

Developing a consistent writing practice before I move at the end of the year is a big goal of mine, but I’m still not mentally in a place where I feel like I can responsibly write for teenagers so here I am. Blogging. A practice I never quite got the hang of despite numerous attempts. Do I predict this attempt to be as much of a mess as past attempts? Absolutely! Will I probably go off on tangents and ask myself questions to answer immediately afterwards as a weird style choice? Heck yeah! I’m already doing it! Will I know what to say after asking this question?

[Insert awkward finger guns here as I somersault out of the room]

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