I found an old suitcase filled with Ghost Dolls

This is one of the haunted dolls I found. But more on that later.
I found this suitcase on the side of the road in Warwick. I couldn’t take a photo where I found it so here it is by my cousin’s lakehouse.
I found it right as the Warwick Pride Parade began so I couldn’t exactly grab it. I was busy.
I didn’t tell anyone about it so when I swooped over at the end of the parade to collect a pretty suitcase I didn’t know had doll ghosts it was apparently entertaining so there were a lot of photos taken.
I think they were just an excuse to take photos of my buttcape but whatever. I don’t blame them. I’m a pretty peacock.
So anyway…I get this suitcase and find decapitated dolls and baby clothes!!!! W.T.H.
Seriously. Look at all these dead dolls haunting this beautiful suitcase.
I tried to hide them in my cousin’s dollhouse when she wasn’t looking but she sees everything. On the plus side she encouraged me to document the decapitated dolls in the creepy dollhouse so that’s a victory I guess.

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