You’re moving where?!

I wish this blog post was as funny as some of my other pieces, but today you get a sneak peak into how completely laborious finding a new job in a different field can be, particularly when you don’t quite know what field you want yet. Before my garbage memory permanently yeets the details of this week into the void, I’ll recap the steps I took every day this week towards my new goal.

Baby Steps to Success

When you spend as much time as I do reading self help books, blogs, and pretending to consult the stars you tend to think about intentions and how to fine-tune yourself on a constant basis. The problem with setting goals and creating resolutions much of the time is that what is suggested does not necessarily work for those of us struggling with mental illnesses. While mental illness is not an excuse to not improve, I resolved this year to set my intentions with compassion for my struggle first and foremost.

Simmer Down Now

It is this mob mentality that attacks creators and artists for their work with a sense of entitlement that is extremely defeating. It lets down the content creators and impacts how they view their future work. Which means they are less likely to take risks or make new content. It’s a mess.

Screw it, here we go.

Did Drunk Me sit down and come up with a marketing plan? Think through all of the topics I want to discuss? HELL NO! Drunk Me just wanted Anxious Me to stop obsessing over not writing. So many days are spent silently judging myself for not writing and Drunk Me was like BOOM BISH I GOTCHU. WRITE AWAY!